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Your natural gas meter measures the amount of natural gas you use during a particular billing cycle. Our monthly reading cycles vary because we read meters the last 3 business days of each month. Ohio Cumberland has installed Electronic Reading Technology (ERT) devices on most of our residential and small commercial meters. We are able to drive by an address and read the meter electronically.

The dials on your meter register the volume of gas that passes through, which helps us calculate your bill. Readings are expressed in hundreds of cubic feet. Ohio Cumberland uses both dial index and digital indexes.

The dial index has six dials on the front panel. The two dials without numbers are for meter and appliance testing purposes. The four dials numbered 0 through 9 are used for meter readings. When you read your meter, face the meter and record the numbers for each dial from right to left using these guidelines:

Always read the numbers in the direction the arrow on the dial is pointing. When a dial pointer is between two numbers, always record the smaller number. If a pointer is directly on a number, check the dial immediately to the right. The pointer on the right dial must have reached or passed zero for you to determine the number of the left dial. If the pointer on the right dial has not passed zero, you need to write in the smaller number from the left dial.

The digital index has two dials without numbers similar to the dial index; however, the reading is taken from the digital hundred cubic feet figures. Simply read the number as shown.


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